08 April 2011

Raise your voice!

I don't really mean to get all serious on a Friday, especially when I have a show tonight, but I thought that this can't really wait.

I was on Facebook earlier today when I saw a friend post a link to a petition on www.avaaz.org. This website is doing some amazing things in terms of exposing human rights violations, getting the public involved in letting world leaders know their thoughts, and basically creating awareness amongst the global community.

Go check it out. It's completely free and really easy to sign up and add your name to some petitions that can make a huge difference to our world. I know that I'm not prepared to simply sit and watch while politicians sleep on the job, so if you feel the same way, start getting involved in projects like this.

So sign up now, and then go and enjoy your weekend! :)

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  1. Very cool Gareth!! Inspiring to see young rock muzo's not shy to make a point when it is needed . . your engagement in positive world changes will surely make a difference. ((~"


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