12 October 2010

Pre-production update

For the past couple of weeks, we've been locked up in our home studio working on pre-production for our new album. In between regular rehearsals for shows, we've been writing new material and making the roughest of rough recordings on our cellphones. After racking up a fair amount of ideas, we're now refining the ideas and formulating and recording some actual songs using actual recording equipment as the first phase of pre-production. I decided to get all artistic and take photos of the studio setup, but upon taking out the camera the other night, I realised that I had left the batteries charging at home.

Enter the infamous cellphone camera... (Please, no comments on the poor focus of some of these photos. I did the best with what I had!)

I discovered the other day that my phone's camera has a macro function. I also discovered how cool my snare drum mic looks when photographed with the macro function! :)

At least 1/4 of each session is spent deciphering horribly distorted recordings taken from Mark's iPhone. Here's a photo of the rest of the guys deep in discussion as to what chords they were playing on the rough recording.

 Typical studio photo. I couldn't resist...

My corner of fun. Complete with bongo drums and a tambourine! 

Three essential components to any studio setup - Working batteries for anything that requires batteries, spare cables for when you trip over the current ones and break them along with your legs, and masking tape for temporarily fixing broken equipment until you can find duct tape to permanently fix it.

If you could read waveforms, you'd know how much this song rocks... :p

About 1/3 of my drum kit. I like drums. Can you tell?

We still have a few more ideas to run through and record before we enter stage 2, which is reviewing the tracks again and actually constructing songs that don't involve us singing "nah, nah, blah, blah, doo bee doo" because we don't have any lyrics yet.

Hopefully my next update will include a few sound clips of what we've done so far. For now, adios amigos!