23 August 2011

Photo fun!

Since I haven't had (and still don't have) much to say lately, I thought I'd share a few interesting photos that I found when browsing through the pictures folder on my phone.


Venue marquee from tour earlier this year. All cool venues have marquee signage.

My view during soundcheck. This show was set up in a warehouse. Very underground...

Static electricity! Bzzzt!

Awesome Halloween Cake

My mediocre attempt at making a smiley in my coffee.

Having sponsors is awesome.

I promise I'll actually write something soon. :)

01 August 2011

Mark Haze makes Idols SA TOP 10!

A huge congratulations to my brother, Mark Haze, on making it into the TOP 10 on Idols South Africa! Well done, dude! If you're not already aware, Mark is the lead singer in our band, 12th Avenue. The band is super proud of Mark's achievements so far and hope you'll vote for him in the next stages of the competition.

To vote for Mark on Idols, SMS 08 to 37400 when the voting lines are open on Sundays. You can also vote 100 times each week on Mxit by adding the M-Net application through Tradepost.

Here's a clip of the Top 15 performing together. Mark opens the song and shows off some of his guitar skills:


Well done, bro! Keep it up. :)