01 February 2011

What a week!

This past week was a crazy one for me. It started off with my folks going all out and buying an X-Box 360 with Kinect and Band Hero. They've been slowly converting their house into the ultimate party house, and this seems to be the entire pack of cherries on top. Who would've thought that mom and dad's place would be somewhere you'd want to spend your Saturday night? :) 

In between playing X-Box, 12th Avenue have been in studio. Vocals are just about done and the songs are sounding really sweet. I can't wait to share them with everyone! On a scary note, some crazy dude pulled a knife on my brother after studio one night last week. Pretty intense, but he's okay. Check out the story here.

On Thursday morning, I had to be up at 3:30am to model for my girlfriend on live TV. Her designs for the J&B Met were chosen to be featured on Expresso on SABC 3. She's got more about it on her blog, which you can check out here.

While we were there, we scored some free tickets to the J&B Met, which was pretty awesome, although way too hot! Everyone looked pretty suave and the "Larger than Life" entertainers who were walking around looked like they could have been cast in an Aerosmith video. We got chosen to be in the semi-finals of the best dressed couple competition, but unfortunately didn't get through to the final judging. Pity, I could use those prizes. :)

Here's a photo of what we looked like (a bit different to my usual jeans & t-shirt look): 

Along with hanging out at the Met, I had an awesome weekend with friends and family, just chilling out and having fun. Tonight, it's back to the studio to finish off vocals. I'd better start warming up... ahem!

Last album I listened to: "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys" - My Chemical Romance

Last game I played: Gears of War (X-box 360)

Make sure you check out my blog next week. I'm going to attempt a random thought for each day of the week. Should be interesting... :)

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  1. Hey Gareth!

    You looking pretty handsome, different though.

    I'm shocked to hear what happened to Mark, wow! I know 'Faking Heaven' has a powerful impact when you listen to it, but getting all psycho is a bit extreme. Please let him know that I'm glad to know he's safe.

    I love reading your blog, keep it up drummer!




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