13 February 2011

7 Random Thoughts in 7 Days - Saturday and Sunday...um... :)

Soooo...about writing a random thought for each day of the week. For some people, Saturday and Sunday count as a single day, as Saturday is spent awake and Sunday is spent sleeping/recovering from Saturday. So to honour that principle, or in other words, use it as an excuse for not writing on Saturday, here are my random thoughts for each day!

Saturday: I went river rafting today for friends of mine's combined birthday party, which was an amazing experience. The only non-amazing parts were getting "attacked by a tree" due to my awesome raft steering skills, and getting a totally stylish slip-slop tan on my feet. My girlfriend wrote a bit more about it on her blog, which includes a few fun pics. Check it out HERE.

Sunday: Today I discovered that my mind-blowingly awesome slip-slop tan, is actually a slip-slop burn. I guess that's what happens when you apply sunblock while still wearing your shoes, thereby forgetting to put some on your feet.

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