10 September 2010

Issue 1 (Originally posted on MySpace - 3 June 2010)

Hey everyone!

I’ve decided to take over our band’s blog and let you know what’s on my mind and what I’m up to. Since you normally only get to see me behind a kit, I thought I’d let you get to know me better. Maybe the rest of 12th Avenue will follow suit. Time will tell…

So I’m pretty much having a chilled out day. Just been discussing our current tour schedule with the rest of the band. Our Namibian show has officially been confirmed, which is awesome. We’re also confirming our shows at the Soccer World Cup fan zones in the next 2 days. I’m very excited for those.  We have rehearsal tonight and then it’s off to Langebaan on the West Coast tomorrow for a show. Awesome!

I’m also looking into getting some new cymbals. Looking at getting Zildjian Z3 crashes & Zildjian Armand hi-hats. Gonna call Paul Bothner Music today to see what they’ve got for me. I also seriously have to get a new PSP charger. Mine has disappeared off the face of the earth. Damn gremlins stealing all my stuff!!
Random thought: I’ve been craving donuts since last night. Must make a plan soon…

Well, that’s all for today. Hopefully I’ll have some more news this weekend. For now, I leave you with some songs I’ve been listening to today:
“Born to Quit” – The Used

“Break Your Little Heart” – All Time Low

“North Atlantic Vs North Carolina” – Memphis May Fire

“Beautiful Thieves” – AFI

“Jamie All Over” – Mayday Parade

“The Day that Saved Us” – Automatic Loveletter

“Wires (and the Concept of Breathing)” – A Skylit Drive

“Living Together” – Circa Survive

Rock on!

Gareth Haze – 12th Avenue

P.S: Send us mail! We wanna hear from you – fan@12thavenueband.com

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