10 September 2010

I think my legs hate me (Originally posted on MySpace - 04 August 2010)

I think my legs hate me

As you’ve probably read on one of our band’s numerous social media profiles, we had a photoshoot all day this past Sunday. If you’ve been following us even more closely, you’d know that we had a show at Mercury Live in Cape Town the night before the shoot. And, if you were at the show, you’d know that we were there until about 2am, even though we knew we had a shoot at 10am

So, after a minimal amount of sleep and a good cup of filter coffee, I arrived (half an hour late because I couldn’t wake up) at The Loft photographic studio in Cape Town. The rest of the guys were already there, getting all prettied up. I, on the other hand, felt as though a freight train had driven into me and then decided to back up over me a few times, just because that would seem like a fun idea to a demented train operator. After another cup of even stronger coffee and a couple minutes of standing outside in the “fresh” Cape Town air, I was almost human again. Fast forward to 6pm and after a full day of being in front of the camera, which included jumping and kicking like some kind of crazed ninja and ravaging my drumsticks like a dog with a brand new chew toy, I was once again WRECKED!

Fast forward to today (Wednesday) and I am still feeling a bit worse for wear. I think my legs hate me, because as tired and sore as they are, I’m not really giving them all that much rest. I walked about 5km yesterday and will probably do the same today and tomorrow. We also had rehearsal last night, which just adds to the fun of having your muscles scream out to you “Why!!!? You are a sick man! Stop hurting us!!”

I guess I’ll get some rest on Saturday…

My reason for saying the above is because Friday morning we fly to Namibia! It’s our first tour out of the country and I’m really amped for it. Apparently, so is the city of Windhoek. We heard that the event organizers put on a pre-show party this past weekend and had a huge turnout. We also heard that apart from the show being advertised 5 times a day on the country’s major radio station, we’re also featured in Air Namibia’s in-flight magazine. That’s crazy! I’m hoping this is the first of many trips there. So as I was saying, we arrive in Namibia on Friday morning and then head out for a radio interview. Then we play the show that night. It doesn’t stop there, because there’s an official after-party and then apparently and after-after party as well. This is gonna be interesting…

This is sort of off the topic, but if you’re wondering why I didn’t blog last week it’s cos my pc has been out of action. This is what happens when you decide to upgrade to a secondhand pc (because you’re cheap/poor like that) that is better than your old one, but you try to use parts of your old inferior and incompatible pc in the new one to keep your precious documents and stuff. Long story short, the new pc is working now and I still have all my old documents. Nice…

Speaking of computers, if you haven’t yet downloaded our new single “Hearts on Fire”, go to our website (www.12thavenueband.com) now and download it. It’s free and we want you to have it and share it with all your friends. While you’re there, why not link to our social media sites and friend/follow/stalk us?

Alright, that’s it for now. No playlist this time because I haven’t got any new music lately.  But here’s something else:

Currently watching: FlashForward (I have 2 episodes left) Then onto Fringe: Season 2
Currently reading: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Current favourite websites: Alternative Press: (www.altpress.com) & Garfield (www.garfield.com)

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