12 September 2012

Music Industry Rant: Drinks Specials

I receive a lot of event invitations on Facebook to other artists' shows. I also send out similar invitations to my own shows. The thing that bugs me though is when the description of the show is 30% information on the bands and their set times and 70% information on the exceedingly long list of drinks specials that the venue has on offer.

Yes, it is nice to have a tasty cold beverage, purchased at a bargain price, to enjoy while watching a band, but this should not be the selling point of the event. If people want the music industry to develop, then venues, musicians and promoters should start focusing on what the event is all about: Music. If your venue claims to be a "Live Music Venue" and not simply a pub with a termite-infested stage, then start running it like one. Centre your focus on hosting great live music events with top-quality sound and lighting. The music industry should be focusing on music and leaving the liquor focus to the liquor industry.

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