23 December 2010

I want an X-Box

I wasn't originally going to post another blog entry before Christmas, but I decided that I don't really do this as often as I should, so here it goes...

Remember when you were a kid and you'd write these long lists of things that you'd like for Christmas? The thing at the top of my list was always drums and when I finally got drums at age 11 (as a Christmas present), the list would normally consist of drum-related items like cymbals, hardware, skins and sticks. Occasionally I'd have things in there like a new skateboard and of course video games. 

This brings me to my wish list for this year. I know it's not going to happen, but we're all allowed to dream. So, instead of boring you with my usual list of drums and drum-related equipment, yachts, private jets, and a troupe of dancing jelly beans, I'll just give you my number one for this year:

X-Box 360 with Kinect and all Rock Band/Guitar Hero/Band Hero equipment, and extra controllers (why does it only come with one?)

Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!

I tried out Kinect the other day and decided that nothing else compares to it. X-Box is already awesome on its own, but I think they've really stepped it up now. Must...have...now!! Of course I'd still want to play regular games too, because it's just that cool, and we can't rule out all the X-Box instruments, especially the drums. Gotta have the drums!

Oh, and in case you were thinking "What an idiot, he didn't ask for games!", I'd like plenty of games with it please, especially the Lego games. I played Lego Harry Potter the other day and it's probably the most awesomely fun game I've played in a long time. 

"It's Levi-oh-sa, not Levioh-saaah!"

Speaking of Harry Potter, Mark, my brother/singer/guitarist, said that he wants to try to make Butterbeer sometime after having it during his trip to America. I think I need to nag him about that one...

Alright, I'll update this again after Christmas. Hope this year's a good one for everyone. Merry Christmas!!!


  1. I hope you get an X-Box.. and it doesn't get RRoD.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. A friend of mine actually managed to un-RRoD his one, but he's a genius with computer hardware. Only downside is he had to attach a bigger fan so his X-Box sounds like a vacuum cleaner now!

    Merry Christmas to you too!


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